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The Enneagram Personality Sample Changed My life

The Enneagram Personality Sample Changed My life

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What’s the Enneagram Identity Try?

It is a great typology that’s utilized for understanding the inner functions and you will motives behind people conclusion. Of many researchers and you may theorists show conferences, conferences and you can generate courses about this situation as it’s hotly argued world-greater. For many, including myself, it’s a helpful device in navigating work environment dynamics and personal relationship.

The way i receive Enneagrams

When you yourself have a pal who knows in the enneagrams and you can which knows you really well, you likely wouldn’t also need to use the brand new identification sample since the they’re able to show the kind of right away and you may just go right ahead and hear about your own sort of such as for instance I did so.

A beneficial eight are an enthusiast, an enthusiastic Adventurer and you can a keen Epicure. An individual who wants activities that’s usually looking to are the fresh one thing and have the fresh new enjoy. The downfall is the fact since they need to sense things, they often accept continuously, daunting by themselves to the point where it can don on the human body health.

I ran online and is shocked by the how long a full breakdown is on the seven character particular. It’s profiles enough time! It actually was divided towards parts- an overview, individuals degrees of creativity, elements to have progress, compatibility dÄ›lá nudistfriends práce with other versions and misidentification together with other models.

The fresh malfunction try specific and you will spot-on- having the inner workings out-of my head as well as how I perceive the nation. Not just is actually I 100% positive that that it enneagram question is actually onto some thing- they provided us to epiphanies on myself and you may my entire life- something We hadn’t actually realized before.

I became therefore shocked because of the it’s reliability which i didn’t simply avoid immediately after studying on the my sort of. I wanted to learn about exactly how my method of interacted with every other type. And i also wanted to see all about all the systems also. I figured, easily know ins and outs of every identity sort of- I might top see the people up to me.

I got cuatro era one Week-end afternoon to read through regarding all of the nine identification systems. I became amazed because of the just how each one of these is actually thus extremely some other.

While i read, I imagined about the members of my entire life- loved ones, members of the family, colleagues- who’re likely an effective cuatro, an excellent six, or a 3 and how you to definitely affects their position on the industry.

Now these types of wide variety and their definitions is actually a reference section to own myself. A chart that helps myself browse the world and you will consider another man or woman’s body type of site. So you can strategy matchmaking and you can interactions with increased imagine.

A week ago, I ran across that it videos concerning the “theory of relativity” and you may considering additional man’s physique off source also it reminded myself of all things We learned away from Enneagrams.

Grab the Enneagram Identification Try

There have been two types, a preliminary adaptation and you may a long adaptation. In my opinion both really works, thus i do strongly recommend using less variation since it in fact offers understanding of your instinctive variation as well.

Once you know which sort you are, then go back right here to read through details about it and Down load the Comprehensive Help guide to Their Enneagram Here

While trying to focus on a lot more private gains and you will soul searching, I highly recommending studying certainly one of Osho’s courses.

Brand new nine Enneagram Identification Versions

You will find several photos on the internet that establish the newest 9 enneagram identification models. I’m going to show several to you since they are for every helpful in different methods.

About image less than, the new bolded word is the most determining feature of one’s identity sorts of and also the words below they is actually their “flaws” otherwise “pitfalls”.

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