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Tish Squillaro has more than 17 years experience advising executives in strategic planning, organizational dynamics and human capital allocation.

Timothy I. Thomas has helped to transform organizations working as a leadership development trainer, executive coach, and change management expert.

6 Tips for Talking Politics Without Ending Up In a Fight

by Wendy Rose Gould for

We’re living in a particularly hot political climate right now. Fiery rants blast from TVs in homes, bars and even at the office; friends and family post heartfelt diatribes online; and it’s the starting point of conversation at dinner parties, networking events, and coffee shops.

“Politics gets people heated because it’s all about their personal opinions,” said Tish Squillaro, co-author of the books HeadTrash and HeadTrash2, which discuss how individual anger, arrogance, fear and other persistent negative emotions can damage your personal health and your credibility in both the professional and personal sphere. “People want to feel heard, and any attack on their viewpoints is taken personally.”

We’ve all been on the giving and receiving end of that before, especially where politically charged conversations are concerned. (Having some flashbacks to family dinner the last time you visited your uber conservative parents?)

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