Cleaning Out The Junk That Stands Between You And Success


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About the Authors

Tish Squillaro has more than 17 years experience advising executives in strategic planning, organizational dynamics and human capital allocation.

Timothy I. Thomas has helped to transform organizations working as a leadership development trainer, executive coach, and change management expert.

HeadTrash 2: Dealing with and Overcoming Other People’s Junk Due Out April 5th

The writers of HeadTrash are back!

Tish Squillaro and Tim Thomas wrote their first book, HeadTrash, as a guide to help people identify their own emotional baggage standing in the way of success. In HeadTrash2, the authors offer tips on how to recognize the same behavior in others, and the best methods for preventing the poor behavior of those around you to get in the way of personal and professional relationships. Whether it’s a boss with a temper or a relative with control issues, understanding others’ HeadTrash can go a long way to resolving issues.

HeadTrash2: Dealing with and Overcoming Other People’s Junk outlines how the seven forms of HeadTrash (anger, arrogance, control, fear, guilt, insecurity and paranoia) can manifest in poor workplace behavior, and how that bad behavior can negatively affect overall employee morale and productivity. These emotions are hard enough to handle when they come from within, but they’re even trickier when you have to manage them coming from someone else.

Their new book is full of ways to spot these negative emotions and tactics for avoiding the ways they can toxify people’s lives at home and in the office. Each chapter focuses on one of the types of HeadTrash, offering readers coping tools such as using humor to diffuse anger, asking control freaks to delegate and drawing boundaries to stop guilt trips. The book includes valuable checklists, assessment quizzes, case studies, anecdotes and identifies signs to watch for in identifying HeadTrash in others.

Tish and Tim are on the frontlines of creating happier and more functional workplaces for their clients, and they want to give readers the chance to learn more about their methods. They bring their experience as business and leadership coaches to this work, and the project represents much of what they cover in the regular consulting seminars they host.

HeadTrash2 will be available Tuesday, April 5th, and can be preordered through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Follow the Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates!

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