Cleaning Out The Junk That Stands Between You And Success


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About the Authors

Tish Squillaro has more than 17 years experience advising executives in strategic planning, organizational dynamics and human capital allocation.

Timothy I. Thomas has helped to transform organizations working as a leadership development trainer, executive coach, and change management expert.

What’s holding you back?

Imagine you’re in a plane flying at 14,000 feet.  You have a parachute strapped on your back and you’ve been properly trained to do your first solo skydive. You’re as ready as can be, but when the cargo bay door … Continue reading

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HeadTrash 2: Dealing with and Overcoming Other People’s Junk Due Out April 5th

The writers of HeadTrash are back! Tish Squillaro and Tim Thomas wrote their first book, HeadTrash, as a guide to help people identify their own emotional baggage standing in the way of success. In HeadTrash2, the authors offer tips on … Continue reading

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HeadTrash is like secondhand smoke.

HeadTrash is that gremlin within you that creates negative self-talk and blame. It doesn’t just affect your performance, it also poisons the productivity of those around you! It’s like secondhand smoke; it lingers and festers. It gets into all the … Continue reading

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